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... watching them ... in... áyourá... interest.../.janice... park ...joins us.. ...with ... that... lawmaker's solution... janice janice jeff, the state agency is caaled the maryland public service ommission or the p-s-c...we spoke today with the montgomery county councilman, who started the petition you see here. his goal is to fire every member of the p-s-c. from storms of the the recent mass outages n june.councilman hans riemer says residents in md are fed up.he says utility companies are monopolies...only because they're regulated by the p-s-c. riemer says that slow response failing of the p-s-c...the state aggncy who should be protecting the average citizen. so far, the online petition has been signed by 34 hundred people. it calls for the governor to start over, and replace everyone in the state agency with people who will work for the consumer: "the regulators are responsible and we who sign this petition know it's their job to protect us" we contacted the maryland public service commision...and this was their response:"the governor may only removeea commissio
on attending the university of maryland at college park.janice park tells us the 22 year old was shot 4 times, but it looks like she will make a miracle recovery thanks to a birth defect. janice? jennifer,we first learned about petra anderson, through this youtube video put out by her sister chloe.anderson was headed to graduate school at the university of maryland...but she was at that midnight premiere. anderson was shot 4 of the bullets went through her nose...traveling all the way to the back of her skull. doctors were concerned...and she was in critical condition...but during surgery, doctors found her brain sustained very little damage thanks to a birth defect.the bullet traveled through her brain missing all the vital areas. she's expected to make a full recovery.her sister chloe put out this video...because the family needs a lot of support. anderson's mother is also battling terminal breast cancer: "so that's why we are reaching out to you, the people that have asked us what you can do to help, and so we can have an immense impact on the families that have been impacted by
tempers today..../// traffic... was... jammed ... and... more than... a dozen businesses... evacuated.../.janice park... live... at... east monument street, street.../, where... she... was... next... to crews today.../ quickly trying... to... fix... a gas leak. jani? janice?jeff,businesses line each side of this street...and all of them had to be owners say about 130 pm...police saying they needed to get out...lots of problems...all caused by a 15 foot sinkhole. vorq: killer for businesses "with all the money we pay in taxes to baltimore and the state of md this is ridiculous, ridiculous" ridiculous"that was just one of the many frustrated voices today...the city was forced to close 4 blocks from e. monument to milton street and more than a dozen businesses. you could really smell the odor of gas today, because the 15 foot sinkhole led to a broken gas line.the department of public works says this sinkhole was caused by a storm drain culvert...that acted like a washing machine...underneath the road, swirliig tons of water and trash. the culvert was ins
... 13 year old boy...//. boy...//.janice park... live... in towson .../ where... she... just spoke with... baltimore county police.../. who... say... the man used... an... i--phone app.../ to... set up the meeting. janice? jeff,police say the two met's an app you can download on your iphone geared towards men.the app allows you to see who's near you, showing their picture and the option to chat...but police say it lead to a sex offense. police say 36 year old steve podles lied about his age...and went to an area in essex to meet the 13 year old boy.investigators say he then engaged in sexual activity with the boy...and detectives say safe sex precautions were not taken.this all allegedly happened in february...but the boys parents just recently brought this to police: we can' is a crime. podles is out on 75 thousand dollars bail...and his trial date as been set for october 11th.livv in towson, janice park fox45 news at 5. a... vigil tonight... for the two college students... from baltimore county..../ killed... in... a car crash ...
shot. shot.janice park is live downtown baltimore tonight, to doiig this year. janice? jennifer,pplice say they have a no tolerance pplicy thissyear...where they will be arrrssing trouble makers. and in order to connrollthe least 200 thousand people will be seeing phese waist high bike rackks all around the harbor. you'll remember last year things got out of alabama man was fatally stabbed...and a 4 yearrold was hit by a celebratory bullet shot intt the aarrtomorrow, you will see baltimore city police...maryland state police...and officers from the authority.they will all be -wo they have a new deployment strategy this year...whhree they will constantly move officers around to areas where they know the crowds will end up. "we didn't want to sse that for that innncent 4 year old kid, that's ridiculous, we wishhpeople were addlt and woold conduct themselves...but when thhy don't of course we're going to do our jobs" police say to keep better track of their resoorces....very officer will be tracked by gps...police say ttey will also have a deploymmnt strate
that jeff and janice wills are going to be just fine. in fact, janice wills is expected to be home tomorrow and that may have been more than what they expected this morning when they saw them on the street bleeding profusely. just after 5:00 this morning, the woman living inside this house called 911 to say her son was arguing with the husband and deputies should come right away. as the call ended, investigators say 33-year-old shae proctor opened fire, wounding his mother and stepfather. the couple, who neighbors have identified as jeff and janice wills, then ran out of the house, each running in different directions where arriving deputies found them and provided first aid. after declaring a barricade and calling in a negotiator, the deputies found the man dead in an upstairs bedroom. a gun beside him. jeff wills recently mentioned having trouble with his stepson. >> i do know that jeff made a few remarks to me about the problems with the stepson. whether it was from financial to -- and he told me there was the drugs and drinking and stuff. he thought he had got him straightened out for a
bit of rain. let's go to meteorologist janice dean in the fox extreme weather center. janice, let's tart with the heat and the worst of it? >> the worst of it is across the heartland unfortunately again, harris where we have heat advisories up where we could feel temperatures from 105 to 110 to even 115 degrees. and that's going to continue for several days. as you can see these those are our heat advisories stretching in toward the mid-atlantic. heat index is the temperature plus the humidity, what t feels like, 103 degrees in chicago. 103 in st. louis. 103 in d.c. where folks are still suffering. a lot of people without power. this is oppressive and really dangerous. 103 in d.c. 100 in raleigh. 107 in st. louis. incredible heat. 108 in louisville. it's not going anywhere, unfortunately, harris. >> harris: some of those places i want to draw attention to don't always get this hot during the summertime. some of them do but not everybody. what about severe weather. >> we are seeing potential for severe weather across the midwest. great lakes, northeast. some of the areas hit hard f
tonight. janice park is trackinggall after the violence one year ago. ago. and janice, what'ssit looking like ight now? now? edition.ark,,fox45 news late but oustide the security concerns thhre was a beautiful display over charm city. &pcityy karrn parks is streaming live tonight from the top offthe science center whichhis one of the best viiws in the city. 3 natz finale 15 ssconds. secondss meanwhile in the nation's capital... thouuands flocked to the ational mall to grab a good seat for tonight... the ccuntry's bbggest iieworks display...aaddall of them had to get through tiiht security first.thissyear, the fourth oo july marks the 236th anniversaryyof the country's peclarattonnof independence fireworks will be the onlyy phing lighting uppsome nnighborhoods toniiht still the dark.ower.thousands of -3 didn't stop many people frrm gettiig out of the house and cooling the end of the roland park paradee baltimore city firefighters -& parentt who haven't had power pradition took on special 3 "it's like camping in your own house. (laughter) i'm hoping it co
into a new baltimore county speed camera lifting it's entire foundation out of the ground. ground. janice park joins us now to show us the damage. damage.hi jeff,police say what happened in pikesville was áno accident.instead, they say someone jumped a curb...then used thier car to rip this speed camera out of concrete. it happened tuesday n smith avenue.police are still looking for the person who used thier car as a disable a county speed camera that had only been up for about a week.this latest attack...follows several other violeet speed camera attacks over the past year.a fox 5 viewer snapped a picture of a burning speed camera in downtown baltimore. and in linthicum an armed man emerged from the woods...startling a speed camera truck worker with shotgun and sledgehammer: 3 "totally out of the ground right now" now""they just nailed this speed camera with this car" car" "it's pretty extraordinary, people going to all lengths to deface government property" baltimore county police say they should be able to get this speed camera up and running soon.they say there were á
...the largest free arts festival in the country. country.janice park is streaming live in mount vernon, to tell us how the weather is impacting this year's event. karen,last year it was hot, sunny a much different story.event coordinators had to deal with some flooding this morning...and overturned signs. this is a three day event and they're expecting to attract about 350 thousand people. there's everything you'd expect at a festival, crafts, food, live music...taking the stage tonight will be artists like brian mcknight.rollcue: earlier today artscape is america's largest free arts festival, attracting 350,000+ attendees pver three days. artscape features 150+ fine artists, fashion designers and craftspeople; visual art exhibits on and off-site, including exhibitions, outdoor sculpture, art cars, photography and the janet & walter sondheim prize; incredible live concerts on outdoor stages; a full schedule of performing arts including dance, opera, theater, film, experimental music and the baltimore symphony orchestra; family events such as hands-on projects, demonstrations, comp
after the hour. let's head to janice dean. she's been a busy lady lately. she has more on the extreme heat in effect in many parts of the country. hi there, janice. we've been talking about these drought conditions. >> yes and the drought conditions is actually making the temperatures even worse. if you can believe it. there's really no moisture in the ground so the heat -- the earth heats up quicker so there's a quick explanation on how the drought is actually lending some of these high temperatures. heat index, that's the temperature plus the humidity, what it feels like on your skin when you head outdoors. these are really exceptionally dangerous temperatures. going to feel like 108 in chicago. 110 in louisville. 104 in nashville. 103 in raleigh. 98 in d.c. there's a little bit of relief on the way. we have to get through this weekend. it will kind of get worse before it gets better across the eastern half of the country but that high pressure that's been centered across the eastern half is going to break down and the temperatures will start to lessen a little bit. but yeah, as we
. >>> there's more threatening weather on the way. meteorologists janice dean shows us what's in store for the areas trying to recover from the big storm back east. they called it a land-based hurricane. and fresh off the news that jpmorgan lost billions on risky trade, reports the firm may have exaggerated to clients about what it was selling them. we'll explain what that's all about next. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. >>> after the worst days of the financial crisis, a new report indicates jpmorgan chase tried to boost the bottom line by pushing its own funds to investors on main street. exaggerating how well the funds performed. that's according to the "ne
-related... cause. causes.janice park... live... in... federal hill.../ , where... things... have cooled down... just a bit. janice? jeff,no relief today and it looks like it will be just as hot give you an's just about 11 o'clock...but our heat gun still officials are warning just how dangerous this heat can the death toll climbs. 23 people have died in the state from heat related causes. with this latest count...the heat has taken 5 more lives since the last heat wave. today, people still went about their daily jobs...despite triple digit temps.lots of people turned to cooling centers, because it was one of the few ways to escape this code red heat. "114 degrees...underneath some air!" cooling centers will be open on code red heat days, everyday until 7 in federal hill, janice park fox45 news late edition. how... hot... did it get today?...chief... meteorologist... vytas reid... is... here... with your first look... at your skywatch forecast...vytas baltimore county... firefighters... are... called... to... a major... trans
mother calls a random act of violence. violence.janice park is streaming live at baltimore city police headquarters to tell us more about this mother's fight for justice. jan? janice?karen,carlene stewart describes her son as an honors &pstudent...who had just taken become a baltimore city police officer.but now this same department that's investigating his murder. strangers walking by, don't give much thought to this corner in northeast baltimore. messages written to william daughtry may be washing away... away...but they will forever be with his mother, carlene ste: stewart:"i believe in my heart, my son sees my tears and smile and he's with me ever" everyday""the last thing my son said to me was mom i'll be " back""and i never thought that would be last time i would see my son alive"last july, the 20 year old who dreamed of being a city police officer was skateboarding to a friends house.stewart says someone in a car pulled up behind him...and shot him in the neck: neck:"may god have mercy on your soul, may god have mercy on your soul" soul""and carlene stewart says her so
opinions today at some bars in baltimore, known for bringing in die-hard penn state fans. janice park is live at a bar called "no idea" in federal hill, to tell us what people had to say about joe paterno.... paterno....and janice, we know there are a lot of conflicted feelings about this coach who was once so beloved....and still is by many people. people. 3 jennifer,we are at one of several bars in federaa hill known as penn state bars. there's a penn state sticker on the door, and a penn state flag proudly hangs in one time... most of the staff here all went to penn state. but there's mixed reaction tonight, about the continued fallout from the penn state scandal. at no idea...the chatter inside and outside the bar... all about joe paterno. paterno."it had to come down bottom line" line""the fact that they'd want to disswn him, he's dead can't defend himself, seems just wrong to me"this is one of at least 3 bars in federal hill...that proudly calls itself a penn state bar: bar:187 miles away in state college, penn state's president says the decision to remove pate
. >>heather: and your mind could change before then. now, time for the first weather update. janice, we have the storms that cleared but it is still hot, hot, hot, across the country. >> ladies, winter will be here soon enough. right? >>heather: will we remember all of the daytime highs when it is like, 30 degrees out there? i don't. >> it is still hot. there is relief on the way for some of us. you can see the greens and yellows, that is a cold front sagging south, so, some areas will feel a drop in the heat. other areas not so much. this is the heat index. that is the temperature with the humidity combined, what it feels like, it will feel like 101 in louisville, and 99 in washington, dc, and 105 in kansas city. the cold front will sag south and tomorrow, new york, 72. can you believe that? 80 in cleveland. 81 in chicago. but, again, it will just be the northern tier in the mid-atlantic that will feel the relief. so, to show you an example, average in chicago, 84 today, 92 friday, and 82. new york, average 84, today, 83, friday, 72. we will enjoy that temperature. satellite radar showing t
have janice dean with the forecast from the weather center. first, mike emanuel in river park, maryland. how are folks dealing with this situation? >> trace i think they're doing well considering it's blistering hot since friday night when the power went out for many in washington, d.c. take a look at these two cars here where it was virtually like tornadic activity. we saw the roof of this building smash up a bunch of cars. residents have been allowed to go in their apartments to gather items then they have to go back to a shelter because it's not safe here. we talked to one resident a short time ago and he's just trying to roll with it. >> now, since it's summer and power is out, it brings people outside. the fact that the power is out, people are sticking together and coming closer together just because the power is out. it unites us in a strange way. >> reporter: so people sticking together so far. up the road in baltimore about an hour or so north of here, also a mess as straight line thunderstorms went through baltimore on the way up to new jersey and a deadly incident, folks here
's check in with janice dean with the first degree weather update to see when we might get some relief from that heat. hi there, jana. >> ladies, it is going to be another hot one across a big chunk of the u.s. across the heartland and the mid atlantic where thousands of people are still without power today. we're going to be talking about heat indices from 105 to 115, close to 120 degrees. so let's get to it. heat advisories up for many -- over a dozen states, close to two dozen states again where we're going to see high heat and humidity. very dangerous potentially deadly conditions and look at these temperatures. this is the heat index so that's the temperatures with the humidity combined. what it feels like. it's going to feel like 108 in louisville. 107 in st. louis. 104 in kansas city and feel like 106 in d.c. today. really dangerous. people need to be really careful r, really careful. tomorrow's heat index 101 d.c. 108 in louisville. it's just hanging around and not getting any better. people are urged to take precautions and make sure you're indoors where the air conditioning is. s
... enter "wbff"... to download our app. this huge sinkhole in east baltimore led to hot tempers to. today.janice park is live at east monument street, where a few hours ago she followed crews quickly trying to fix a gas leak. janiie? janice? jennifer, rollcue: lots of problems...all caused by a 15 foot sinkhole.caused by a 15 problems...all rollcue: lots of problems...all caused by a 15 foot sinkhole. "losing their damn mind, people pay taxes, i got to go s" shopping!"that was just one of the many frustrated voices today...the city was forced to close 4 blocks from e. monument to milton street and more than a dozen businesses. you could really smell the odor of gas today, because the 15 foot sinkhole led to a broken gas line.the department of public works says this sinkhole was caused by a storm drain culvert...that acted like a washing machine...underneath the road, swirling tons of water and trash. the culvert was installed all the way back in 1930. and this road closure today obviously caused quite a bit of traffic...and anger: "with all the money we pay in taxes to baltimore and the sta
.... and is being credited to a birth defect she never knew she had.. had..janice park is streaming live in the newsroom... tell us about a woman who was planning on attending graduate school in maryland in just a few weeks. j? janice? jennifer, petra anderson is a talented musician and composer...and that is what she is going to persue at the university of maryland.but what may be most amazing about her incredible recovery.we first learned about petra through this youtube video her sister put out...where she says their family has been shaken, but not broken. broken. petra anderson lived her life through every note she composed.she was just weeks away from persuing her studies at college park..but the woman pho had envisioned so many musical scores, could never foresee what would happen inside an aurora movie theater: theater:" the villan may have intended as his story, but we see heros everywhere we look"anderson was shot four of the bullets would hit her face. during a 5 hour surgery, doctors found her brain sustained very little damage thanks to an
. the couple who neighbors have identified as jeff and janice wills, then ran out of the house. each running in different directions where arriving deputies found them and provided first aid. after declaring a barricade and calling in a negotiator, deputies found the man dead in an upstairs bedroom. a gun beside him. neighbors say jeff wills had recently mentioned having trouble with his stepson. >> i do know that jeff made a few remarks to me about how he was having some problems with his stepson whether it was financial to -- he told me that the drugs and drinking and stuff. he said he thought he had gotten him straightened out for a while. thought everything was going well and it turned out he just went back the opposite way. >> other neighbors describe the dead man, shay proctor, as a reck loose who didn't work and make his way around the neighborhood on bike or by foot. >> jeff never wanted him in the house. but it was her son. you know how that story goes. >> neighbors had nothing but nice things to say about his stepfather, jeff. >> any time i needed anything, the man was right h
. the lights are back on....but another storm is now developing over bge's request to raise its rates. janice park shows us what it could mean for your bill....and what it already means for one baltimore neighborhood. this northeast neighborhood near pittman place is known for getting things done. done.unless it's something out of their when the power goes off: "it sucks, it's hot no air inside outside, it's just hot"people living here say they were out of power for days...some even weeks during june's massive storm.then, again ust this power: power:"yea try to give us better service and stop raising the prices, this is killing us"what roberta bradley is refering bge's announcement, that the company plans on raising each residential electric bill by about 11 dollars each month: month:"and before bge raises the rate for people here on &ppittman place, and all other bge customers, it will first be revieweddby the public service commission, the state agency that regulates all utilities in maryland"bge says this is only the 2nd rate increase of its kind in the pa
bracing for what the experts say will be a certain jump of food prices. meteorologist janice dean is in the weather center tonight. bad news for farmers. >> absolutely. 80% of the u.s. is under normally dry conditions. this map tells the story. we are dealing with moderate to severe, extreme even exceptional drought. the worst of it is across the west. places like denver down towards albuquerque, phoenix, lubbock, texas. as we move eastward across the mississippi river valley. tennessee valley. ohio valley areas that of course have all that farming that's going to be affected. all of the crops. across georgia extreme to exceptional drought only area we are not seeing it is florida that's because of tropical storm debbie. >> watch what you wish for it might just come along. >> true. >> whole other problem in southern utah. >> take a look at some of these pictures. utah is into severe drought but the ground is dry. any moirts that comes from the monsoon season is going to act as run off. some of the pictures are incredible from sunday. extreme flooding. this happens this time of yea
... outside for a second.../ you... were uncomfortable.../ another... scorching... day.../janice p. park... live... in... federal hill. to... tell us... how ...this triple digit heat... has been deadly. ? janice?jeff,no relief today and it looks like it will be just as hot give you an's just after ten o'clock...but our heat gun still officials are warning just how dangerous 3 this heat can far in the state, 23 people have died from heat related causes. causes. the only place as hot as this sizzling sidewalk...may be inside this northeast baltimore drycleaner... drycleaner... where with each press...and button, the temperature rises. rises.only a single fan, offers relief. relief."it's hot out here! hot " humid!""even if you take all your clothes off you're still going to be hot"today, people had to brave the triple digit heat.heat that has proven to be deadly in the past few days: days:"it's unbelievable, you have a lady right there walking past with an umbrella, people complaining at the bus stops, as i drive past" past""it i
shot and wounded his own mother and step-dad and then he shot himself dead. janice proctor-wills and her husband jeff are in the hospital. they have serious gunshot wounds. why the son opened fire so far, still a mystery. >>> a half a million shoe drop today in the wake of a 9 wants to know investigation. the general service's administration announced it is cutting bonuses for 85% of its high ranking officials. they uncovered the bonuses in the aftermath of the las vegas convention and the videos. >> our investigation shows the very gsa officials responsible for organizing the las vegas conference were among dozens of employees receiving $10,000 bonuses apiece. we uncovered the bonuses shortly after those gsa videos with workers bragging about easy government. ♪ buy everything wrappers can afford ♪ >> reporter: with 2400-square foot hotel rooms and $823,000 las vegas conference run for a man now infamous for his champaign bathtub shots. officials learned about the convention but our freedom of information act request showed he wasn't alone and went on for years. one off
cheers him on. he says his stepfather and his mother, both former janice, helped him get to london >> they have always given a huge amount of support and motivation >> it has been a long journey for the 20 year-old and his mother, they flee cuba when he was a baby so he could get treatment for severe asthma >> my mom asked in a coded message to help us get out >> the family settled in miami and now he is said to represent team usa >> i want to help the team get first in london and then get all around gold for myself >> he earned an automatic spot on the team after a top finish at the olympic trials. so did john who says he will bring a good luck charm >> my rosary reminds me about my family, that they are here actually with me >> there are only five members from each team competing in london, down from six in the last olympics began to tsa goes to london with only one veteran. jonathan gordon won two medals in beijing and four years ago he decided a tattoo would be a good way to wear his olympic pride on his back. >> you do your gymnastics your entire life. >> analysts say they hav
was here, my assistant janice smith has been calling back home to see how things have been going and she has been keeping in contact wh my nephew, i mean, my grandson, and he says everything was going fine. but -- i'm still -- i was still thinking about the children, i still worry about them. >> reporter: here, by the way, is the resort in tucson, arizona. jermaine has explained she's there on doctor's orders. she's an 82-year-old woman, she's emotional, she was reading from a prepared script and she needed some help from time to time. michael jackson's will names katherine as the guardian of his children, but today in a los angeles courtroom, temporary custody of prince, paris and blanket was handed over to their cousin, tito's son, 34-year-old t.j. jackson. >> i'm devastated that while i've been away, that my children, my grandchildren have been taken awake from me. >> reporter: in court, the judge said he was granting t.j. item prarl custody because katherine, is, quote, being prevented from acting as guardian by acts of a third party. katherine's own lawyer on custody matters suggest
. >> james who writes, finally made it past your terrible twos. happy birthday. janice writes proud "way too early" watcher since day one. didn't think you would make it this far. >> i didn't either. to be perfectly honest with you. in a rare genuine moment i want to say thank you so much for watching this show. it's impossible to wake up at this hour but knowing that there are people on the other side of the camera with me every day, makes it that much easier. thank you, thank you, thank you for watching "way too early." look what we did. we even got a cake. this was the biggest cake we could find, probably perfect for us. tried to bring a bottle of champagne and olympic security confiscated it. they're not in on the news that the real party here today is for "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. >> both democratic candidates, president obama and vice president joe biden, are trying out a new batch of slogans. they're really trying to come up with something good. >> we are not going back. we are moving this country forward. >> change only comes through challenge. >> no, you can't
for the f. &pfourth.janice park is live at there's heightennd security s, follooing last year's marred by violence. janicee they have a nn tolerance y policy this year...where they will be arresting trruble pakers. and in ordee to cootrol the crowds...they're expecting t least 200 will be seeing these waist you - harror. you'll remember last year things got out of stabbed...and a 4 yearrold was hit by a celebratory bullet shot into the air:tomorrow, yoo will see baltimoreecity police...maryland state police....nd officers from the maryland transportatton authority.they will all be working together.police say they have a new deployment strategy his year...where they will constantly move officers around to areas wwere up.y know the crowds will end "come come tomorrow, tte cops are goinggto be deployed, we're set" set" "i think pplice ill mman a lot and people will be happy and safe" the fourth of july party &pis nderwaa at oregon ridge t. 3 3 the croww cheered as the orccessra pumped out the distinctive sounds oo he fourthhof july holiday. the roccets red glare was bursting
.../ digit... day.../janice park... live... in... northeast &pbaltimore, ... at... a... cooling center,.../ tt... &ptell us... how ...thhs heat... has een deadly.. opened juut under a dozen - the heat issssrrous business. so far, 18 people in the state have died from the heat.since far, ttis julyy we've coooed off for a bit...and sinne yesterday, thhre's aa heat aavisory until tomorrow. ccases.died from heat-related publlc place wwere they can cooling centers arr open ter" centers are open fromm9 a.m. to 7:00 p... on wwekddys, 11 a baltimorr county manntakes b-g- &e to court.he's seeking one ábillion dollars. dolllrs.ralph jaffe aas pikesville home for nearly customer serviie recorr is 's 'disgraceful.'the company sayy last mooth'ssstorm... was worse than hurricane irene, and gave them no notice to alert ut offstate crews. six hours short of seven days.. should have to suffer like that."rob gould, bg&e: 1120.24 service commissionnreview procees take itt coorre. that's the appropriate enue to judge hoo the utilities pefo" pefoomed."jaffe says e will donateeany
apparently shot himself with a handgun after unexplain belie wounding his mother, janice proctor wills and his stepfather. from the suspect's myspace page, this photo confirmed by friends as the family all together in happier times. >> really nice guy. >> neighbors said jeff wills is regarded as an outgoing truck mechanic who has a side business landscaping neighborhood properties. >> great person. great personality, wonderful family. never any trouble around here. >> the dead suspect, 33-year- old shay proctor called himself always real. but rarely showed himself outside of the home and didn't appear to have a steady jobs. so tonight rings the gunman is dead and his mother and stepfather are both hospitalized with serious wounds. in waldorf, scott broom, 9news now. >>> still to come, a man simply fed up with having a dead yard because of the drought goes extreme to bring back the green. but first, the fda reverses course and issues its first ban on the chemical used in dozens and dozens of bottles and food packages. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be tha
. fox meteorologist janice dean keeping a close eye on the heat wave. it doesn't let up. >> it doesn't. we're going to see these temperatures till at least wednesday and it looks like maybe until friday and even into the weekend. we've got this big ridge of high pressure that's dominating much of the country. so that's going to remain and break down as we head into the weekend. look at these all-time records we're setting across the u.s. these are temperatures that you would typically see in the desert southwest so we've tied a record for columbia. 109. chat chattanooga 107. 106. this is wide spread and hitting hardest across areas that got pummeled by storms over the weekend. d.c., mid-atlantic region. millions are without power and dealing with stifling heat and with the humidity it feels even worse. 92 is the actual temperature in d.c. 98 in louisville, 96 in chicago, 91 in columbia. with the humidity it feels even worse. folks that don't have air conditioning, it's just so dangerous. people are urged to of course head to cooling centers, check on neighbors and make sure you're in
... a... school. school.janice park... joins us now with ...a story .../ you... are seeing... first on . fox.jeff,police do not believe what happened was an accident. instead, they say someone jumped a curb...then used thier car to knock this speed camera completely out of its concrete foundation. on smith avenue... avenue...police are investigating what appears to be the latest case of speed camera vandalism: vandalism:"it's the most insane thing i've ever heard, they hopped the curb with their car and it's out of control"this baltimore county speed camera had only been up for about a week. now stands slanted, and disabled: disabled:"totally out of the ground right now" now""they just nailed this speed camera with this car"a speed camera meant to keep speeders in check blocks away from a private school. school."it's pretty extraordinary, people going to all lengths to deface government property"this latest attack...follows several other violent speed camera attacks over the past year.a fox 45 viewer snapped this picture of a burning speed camera in downtown baltimore.and i
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